Stories make us feel more alive.
More human.
More Courageous.
More Approachable.

Our Team


Rosemary has a background in technology and storytelling, spanning over 2 decades for fortune 500 companies. She uses her 'techspertise' to produce content she is passionate about, focusing on serious impact messaging using storytelling in entertainment and gaming. She is also an investor and mentors several young entrepreneurs. Rosemary is a creative geek with an interest in looking at things from a different angle.

Kevyn Eva

Kevyn Eva is a Digital Transformation consultant with Atos Consulting, specializing in the organizational and cultural aspects of going digital. She consults global clients to transform how employees connect, communicate and collaborate using the latest technologies in ever more globalized work environments and virtual teams. Her passion lies with unleashing the potential that technologies enable to create flexible organization forms based on self-management. She advises Swiss niche publishers on their digital go-to-market. She is engaged in mentoring students and women to gain access to the job market.


Nancy is our Team Executive Assistant. Nancy loves being busy, and enjoy helping others. She has always volunteered to run errands and helping friends and neighbours, so she decided she could make herself available to others who needed an extra pair of hands once in a while. Therefore, her personal assistant venture was started! She graduated from WIU with an MBA in hotel and tourism management and has excellent project management skills that she uses to keep virtual teams on track. Nancy quickly incorporates and implements new procedures to maximize efficiency and productivity of the company. She is also responsible for SEO and Google Analytics for our customers.


Douglas worked for Microsoft and other companies for years, focusing on human interaction. His specialties are impacting human behavior and the power of persuasion. He actively supports the creative process and motivates our clients in our workshops. Ah. the stories he could tell...but he is under a strict confidentiality contract.