Stories have the power to inspire us, motivate us, make ideas stick.

Our services

Find the big idea

In creative workshops, we find the essence of your story, your premise, your pitch. Feel like you are trapped by a narrative written by others? Let us help you find your voice and use it effectively.

Story creation

Mark Twain said “that a tale shall accomplish something and arrive somewhere.” Crafting an entertainingstory with a serious message can be daunting and takes preparation, precision, structure and the freedom to create. We support you in honing your message for engaging stories on any medium.

Human technology interaction

To get your message across, you must meet your audiences where they are.From simple text to serious gaming, we help you find the tools best suited to make your story come to life and then facilitate sourcing the right partner to build what you need.

User experience and impacting behavior

So. You've told your story. Did it work? Did it capture your audience? Did affect your audience, change behavior? From big idea to finished product, your audience is your holy grail. We use methods and tools from areas of human behavior, psychology, entertainment and gamification to bring new ways of consuming serious content to a wide audience. It is storytelling with a purpose. Impactful. Serious fun.
With compelling characters, relatable plots and, most important, authenticity, you can connect to your audience on an emotional level and meet them where they are.
Technology gives us exciting new media to tell our stories on, from web to entertainment to gaming. Let us help you harvest the power of story.
Your story.